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In the early 2000s, two white guys from Metro Detroit thought, “Hey, maybe we should should start rapping…”

Over the decade that followed, the duo would go on to produce hundreds of beats, rhymes and remixes under the name Kissing Cuzzins.

The results were… varied.

In this podcast, we take a hard – and honest – look back at the KC discography. We share the stories behind each track, the artists that inspired us, and the logic behind our oft cringe-inducing lyrics.

“We,” by the way, are Alex aka Point Blank by Proxy, and Chris aka Keef Herbin. You can get our full list of aliases (they are numerous) along with the origins of our rap crew in episode one.

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Ep.49: Don't Play This for Jay-Z ("Double-You-Tee-Eff") Kasting Cuzzins: A Podcast About Rap… By Two Recovering White Rappers

Alright alright alright. This week we're taking it back to Proxy's q-zone: Mediocre beats and radical displays of toxic masculinity. We discuss yet another super-weird breakup track, "Double-You-Tee-Eff." And along the way, we reveal who this beat was originally meant for… shameful stories from our youth… why Keef had Al Pacino bedsheets… and more. Join us? https://kastingcuzzins.com fb/twitter: @kastingcuzzins kissingcuzzins@gmail.com 
  1. Ep.49: Don't Play This for Jay-Z ("Double-You-Tee-Eff")
  2. Ep.48: Bookended Bars ("Free Show")
  3. Ep.47: Some Kinda Weird-Ass Soliloquy ("Oreoutro")
  4. Ep.46: Deliberate Serial Killer Music ("Communication Skills")
  5. Ep.45: #FreakyBars w/ Special Guest DJ RAY ("Swisher Sweetheart")