Ep.49: Don’t Play This for Jay-Z

Alright alright alright. This week we’re taking it back to Proxy’s q-zone: Mediocre beats and radical displays of toxic masculinity. We discuss yet another super-weird breakup track, “Double-You-Tee-Eff.” And along the way, we reveal who this beat was originally meant for… shameful stories from our youth… why Keef had Al Pacino bedsheets… and more. Join us? Apple | Google | Podchaser | Spotify | Stitcher

Ep.48: Bookended Bars

Get in the car, loser… we’re going to Blondie’s! In this week’s action-packed Kast, we explore the Proxy (featuring Keef Herbin) joint, “Free Show.” We get into the casual misogyny in the lyrics, references to various Metro Detroit locales, and the proper way to pronounce “disparate.” Join us? Apple | Google | Podchaser | Spotify | Stitcher

Ep.47: Some Kinda Weird-Ass Soliloquy

Are you a glutton for PUNishment? If so, you’re in luck! Because today we’re talking about the Keef Herbin forced-pun majeure, “Oreoutro.” Which is to say… We are wrapping up our discussion of the Sweet Tooth EP, with a conversation that weaves our rap with the sexy stylings of Ray J and Yung Berg, not […]

Ep.46: Deliberate Serial Killer Music

Whoa! Did you just stumble into Ollie’s? Because this week’s episode is a HOT THREE-FOR-ONE DEAL. That’s right, three takes on the same song, courtesy of Proxy, Keef and…uh, DJ E-State? It’s a real grab bag of vibes. And along the way, we’ll touch on some of life’s biggest questions: Who was Mike Seaver’s best friend on […]

Ep.45: #FreakyBars w/ Special Guest DJ RAY

Turn the lights down low… ’cause we ’bout to get FREAK-AY. In this week’s Kast, we really tear into the “rump roast,” i.e. discuss the Hall & Oates-sampling raunch-fest “Swisher Sweetheart.” And to aid us in our discussion we have none other than *actual* hip-hop producer and engineer DJ Ray. Find out why Ray chose […]

Ep.44: Suburban White Mom Rap

Choke down those omega-3s and slip on your Crocs, because today’s Kast is all about the Proxy solo jam “Bed, Bath, Etc.” That’s right… It’s a deep dive into the world of middle-class suburban white moms, through the lens of rap (for some reason). We’d love to say that if you listen it will all […]

Ep.43: Hip-Hop Brick Tamland

See? We told you we’d be back! In the 43rd episode of this here rap podcast, we explore the Sweet Tooth track “Trill Mix,” which features guest rapper Exactly (of Stereoloud fame). We talk beats and flows… wince at some of Keef’s references to female anatomy… and speculate about the race of John Oates (turns out he’s Italian-Moroccan, guys!). […]

Ep.42: Truly, The Goggles Do Nothing

Needle drop: “The Boys Are Back in Town (sCreWed aND ChOpPed reMiX)” That’s right. We. Are. BACK. After a 2.5-month hiatus, the Kasting Cuzzins are picking up where we left off, with weekly episodes dissecting the bad white rap tracks of our youth. And this week’s track is one for the ages, man… Listen as […]

Ep.41: A Reading From the Book of White Rap

Good news and bad news abound in today’s episode. (No, we’re not #cancelled… chill with that.) Fans of the spoken words – which should be YOU, right? since you listen to podcasts and all – will love this “special” reading from Proxy’s essay collection. It’s a spirited recollection of his confusing time as a white […]

Ep.40: Battle Rap Ephemera

It’s a good ol’-fashioned pass-the-mic in today’s Kast as we discuss “Charleston Charge” from the Sweet Tooth EP. We hope you’re hungry because we’ll once again be digging into a tasty beat courtesy of DJ Ray… and some lyrics that go SO HARD that they borderline on the nonsensical. For example: “Rhymes straight Gastly, sleep on rappers […]


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